Slate Tile Roofing
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Slate Tile Roofing Surface

You have many options when it comes to your roofing surface. Slate is one frequently chosen by homeowners. Slate is famous for its sturdiness and appearance. However, slat tiles have a downside. Learn more here about slate roofs and if they’re for you!

What Is Slate Made Of?

Slate is a natural stone material found within the earth. These stone compounds harden from years of pressure and heat.

So, North Texas weather like severe hail or wind doesn’t frequently damage slate. If anything, those tiles will last at least twice as long as what you would get out of regular asphalt shingles.

How Are Slate Tiles Cut?

The raw slate is cut and shaped into a series of thin rectangular or square tiles. Some options may come with slight curves so be sure they’ll work for your roofing surface.

What Colors Do Slate Tiles Come In?

Slate generally comes in a dark color. Usually, you can find black or gray slate tiles the easiest. If you need a different color, you can always paint or dye them to fit your home or adheres to homeowner’s association rules.

How Will Long Slate Last?

Slate tiles will last for about 50 years on average. The slate will last significantly longer than traditional asphalt shingles.

Does Slate Help Save on Energy Costs?

Slate does well with reflecting heat. The solid surface of slate creates a reflective barrier that prevents intense heat from entering your home. Less heat equals less energy needed to cool and heat your house. If you install a slate roof your our heating and cooling bills should decrease.


As fantastic as slate can be, it might not be a fit for you. Here are a few of the downsides of slate roofing surfaces.

  • Extra Heavy – Slate tiles are very heavy and require extra support.
  • They’re Unique – You’ll need to buy backups in case they break.
  • Robust Installation – Slate tiles require more time and working hours to install.
  • High Cost – When compared to asphalt shingles, tile is much more expensive.

Considering a Roof Replacement with Tile?

If you’re considering a roof replacement with slate tiles we’d love to help. Call Fair n Square Roofing & Construction at 214.609.4281 or contact us via our web form now.

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