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One point you will notice about many of the beautiful homes around Trophy Club, TX is that they come with some brilliant roofing surfaces. The roofs on these properties make them look beautiful and finished.

However, roofing surfaces in Trophy Club, Texas are seasonally at risk of damages. Damages come due to storms, vandals, pests, and intense heat. The natural aging process may also take a toll on a roof after a while. These problems will develop regardless of how a roof is built or the types of tiles or construction materials it features.

Do you have a home in Trophy Club that needs to have its roof checked? Maybe you are concerned about something like leaks in the roof or shingles looking old. You can talk with us when you’re looking for a quality roofer in Trophy Club, TX.

The Right Roofing Company in Trophy Club, TX

The options you have for a roofing company in Trophy Club, TX are diverse. You can find many groups that concentrate on certain types of roofing materials or specific properties. So what makes our service at Fair N Square different from everyone else’s?

The professionals here at Fair N Square are trained and educated on all the major roofing surfaces you could utilize. We offer asphalt, slate, vinyl, and wood roofing surfaces among others. We install the best surfaces and can repair them even anything comes about on them.

Our team can also help with residential and commercial properties alike. Our Trophy Club roofing company will assist you with fixing many surfaces that you need to get cleared up. Our team works with a reliable approach to customer service.

We ensure that each client we work with stays in touch with us and that we talk with them about every step of the process. It is through transparency that we can ensure a good sense of trust. Contact us at Fair N Square so you can get the services that you need for your roof.

Roofing Services – Trophy Club, TX

Roof Replacement

Among the most popular services, we offer at Fair N Square Roofing include full roof replacement services. We will help you with replacing your entire roof no matter what.

Ask us for help with a roof replacement in Trophy Club, TX. We will perform a free inspection of your roof to identify your needs. You can also talk with us about the materials you want to use on your new roof.

Roof Repair in Trophy Club, TX

No one wants to think about a roof breaking apart, but it’s a problem that anyone can face for many reasons:

  • Some roofs will lose their tiles over time. In other cases, those tiles might become bald from all those granules on them coming off.
  • Other roofs will develop leaks all around. These may be small in size, but an older roof can produce several of them in many spots.
  • Sometimes mold or algae will start to grow in certain spots. Mold comes from water pooling up.
  • The flashing around the vents and other openings around the roof might start to wear out. The flashing is necessary for keeping water and air from moving into your home through the roof.

A plan for roof repair in Trophy Club, TX will help you to resolve any of these problems. Talk with us about how we can solve your roofing issues. We will review your roof and find replacement items.

Storm Damage Restoration

Fair N Square Roofing also offers a Trophy Club storm damage restoration service. We will help in cases where you have damages caused by hail, lightning, high winds, or flooding. We will clean out any damaged surfaces and find new supports, tiles, or insulation among other items for your use. We do this to assist you with restoring your roof after such an intense event.


The inspection process for your roof will entail many points to help you get this part of your home inspected and cleaned up accordingly. We will work with many plans for inspection including an analysis of the sealants, tiles, insulation, and other features on the inside and outside of your property. For a flat roof, we will review the membrane used beneath the installation should. Every part of the roof will be inspected and checked upon no matter what.

Gutter Installation & Repair

Contact us at Fair N Square for getting new gutters added around your property. We will review your gutters to see how well they are laid out and if they need repair. We can help with repairing any clogs, bends, dents, leaks, or other issues around your gutters.
We will also assist you with installing new gutters if you need them or if you need to get your old gutters replaced. Our team will help you with sizing the gutter and installing it correctly to ensure the surface is planned out around the right space.

Insurance Claims Help

We also offer insurance claims services to help you with getting the most out of the task at hand. We understand that filing an insurance claim for any repairs can be frustrating. You may not be familiar with the insurance claims process either, thus keeping you from the settlement you deserve. The good news is that we work with all major insurance companies and will assist you.

Types of Roofing Systems

We can repair or replace almost any kind of roofing surface.

  • Do you have a necessary asphalt shingle roof?
  • Maybe you’ve got a slate or stone roof that needs extra physical support?
  • Perhaps you have a metal roof that needs to be cut appropriately for a good fit?

Let us know what you want and what color you desire, and we will find a solution for you. Don’t forget to check on what the homeowners association has to say about your roofing surface; we can review your HOA data to figure out what we can legally do.

Schedule Your FREE Roof Inspection

Ask us about our free inspection service. We will inspect your Trophy Club, TX home or business to determine the next step. We will look at the flashing, seams, insulation, tiles, and anything else that make your roof what it is. We will check on everything in your space to ensure it is easy for your property to stay intact.

You can talk with our roofing contractor in Trophy Club, TX for details on how an inspection process may work. We will assist you with fixing up everything on your roof the right way the first time around. Our Trophy Club roofer service will help you with this with no obligation too.

Talk with us at Fair N Square Roofing to see if your roof is repairable. Let us earn the title of the Best Trophy Club, TX Roofing Contractors.

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