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Finding the right Roofing Contractor in Grapevine, TX can be tough. Don’t worry, Fair N Square Roofing & Construction is here to help.

At some point, home and commercial property owners will need roofing services. Many people don’t even think about their roofs until something terrible comes about and a roof needs repairs or replacement.

The problems that come along with a roofing issue can be a hassle for anyone. The good news is that you’ve found a Grapevine roofing contractor that is trustworthy.

We can handle any of your roofing needs, whether it entails a replacement, an inspection or even just simple repairs. Just look here to see what a roofer can do for you.


The Right Roofing Company in Grapevine, TX

At Fair N Square, we feel we the right roofing company in Grapevine, TX for you. We work with people around the DFW area on numerous types of roofs.

As a talented Grapevine roofing company, we at Fair N Square concentrate on providing services based on firm principles. We offer our roofing services on time, quality, and customer service.

More importantly, we provide fantastic work without cutting corners taking shortcuts. You never cut holes in your life; we should not do the same.

Our Roofing Services in Grapevine, TX

Commerical & Residential

Roof Replacement

Whether your home was hit by storms or just old, roof replacement is common. How do I know if I need roof replacement?

  • Are the edges to your Grapeview roof shingles curled or cupped?
  • Are there bald spots around some of these shingles?
  • Maybe you might see cracks around the roof tiles.
  • Perhaps your roof has grown old to the point where it will be fragile and likely to wear out.

A re-roof in Grapevine, Texas is not as complicated as you might think. We clean the support systems, replace the roofing surface, and if needed, replace any insulation.

The goal is to give your roof a new surface that has a more attractive appearance. Our team is versatile enough to handle any surface you have.

Roof Repair

Our roof repair service ensures the safety of your home. The repairs can include securing and filling holes and replacing any old insulation or shingle features that might have caused a leak.

Ponding can also take place. Ponding occurs when water pools into specific areas or individual spaces.

Our roof repair in Grapevine, TX can also fix roof shrinkage issues. Roof shrinkage is a problem where the field membrane on your roof is pulling or settling.

Although every property settles after a while, sometimes a roof might stretch and change around often to where the roof surface can be hard to manage. Our roof repair team in Grapevine will help you fix this kind of roof damage.

We suggest repairs as soon as possible. Damages to your roof will grow to where you’d have to replace your roof prematurely. Look at how well a repair plan can work for you in any situation.


Storm Damage Restoration

When the North Texas storms hit homes get punished. Our Grapevine storm damage restoration team will replace or fix anything that might have been destroyed or damaged as a result of a storm.

We will fix issues like cases where the roof forms canals that allow water to move in one direction. Hail damage may also puncture the body of the roof and keep it from being fully intact and secure. The problems can come along on a storm can be a hassle, but it is vital to see how well a restoration team can work.

The Fair N Square storm damage restoration team can be contacted to fix up an issue. The goal here is to get a property restored and fixed.

Getting the problems in check is vital to the safety and security of your house. Anything not repaired could be at risk of harm in the future.



Your roof can be reviewed by a roofing professional to identify the current condition and how much lifespan the roof has left. The intention here is to identify problems you have now, and the ones that might come along down the road.

For insurance claims, this will be used to provide your insurance company. Inspections include planning to figure out the approximate cost associated with getting your roof fixed up. By following an examination, the claim process will be a little easier to manage.

The inspection can make a difference when figuring out what will or will not be covered by your homeowner’s insurance company. A check ensures you have a 3rd party evaluation of your roof. Otherwise, you’re forced to trust your insurance company.

Gutter Installation & Repair

The gutter installation process in Grapevine can entail a review of your property and how much gutter is needed. Our gutter installation and repair team in Grapevine, TX will provide you with an evaluation. All gutters are measured and inspected for your convenience.

The repair side includes help for securing loose bolts, clearing out clogs and fixing rusty spots. Repairs help keep water flowing away from your foundation. Drains ensure any further erosion damage to your property.

Insurance Claims

The insurance claim process will entail several points. First, you will need an inspection. The key is to find out the approximate value of the repairs or replacement costs involved.

An insurance claim process will then work by having your insurance policy analyzed. The roofing team will contact the group for help with your coverages.

Types of Roofing Systems

We work on all kinds of roofing systems around Grapevine. Fair N Square Roofing and Construction works on all significant roof surfaces.

We handle not only traditional shingle surfaces but also slate, metal, and clay tile roofs. Supports for these more massive roofs can be installed to keep each roof from breaking apart or wearing out fast.

We also work with synthetic roofing systems. Such spaces feature polymers based off of plastic compounds. They provide adding protection and support to your roof.

We work on commercial and residential roofing surfaces alike. Part of what we do entails working on not only these surfaces but also with insulation and support features.

Our team also works on flat roofing systems. We will plan your flat roof based on all its key points. We help with managing ventilation, creating gutter runoff spaces, and reviewing.


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You cannot afford to let problems with your roof be troubling. Even more, you need to know what issues are on your roof and fix them before they can get worse.

Our team at Fair N Square will assist you in fixing up anything wrong with your roof no matter what the deal is or how extensive it may be. We want to be your trusted option for a roofing contractor in Grapevine, TX.

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