Signs You Need to Consider a Roof Replacement

It is certain that building components (roof, beams, columns, slab, etc.) will deteriorate over time. The deterioration state can, however, be pushed back with proper routine maintenance.

However, the roof is the only one directly exposed to the harsh environment. Exposure is why it needs to be replaced more frequently than other parts of the home. As a result, you should consider a yearly roof inspection.

Here are some of the signs you need a Roof Replacement.

Curled or Buckling Shingles

Ever noticed your shingles being bent or buckled? It is a sign that your roof needs to be worked on if your answer is YES.

Water will penetrate your building through curled or buckling shingles, this can, however, cause more complications in the truss ad underlays. You might need to completely replace your roof if this is noticed on all your roof covering.

The primary cause of curled or buckling roof covering are improper installation, poor truss construction, inferior material, natural wear and tear among others. Never try to straighten the curled edges for re-use.

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Missing or Blown Off Shingles

Have you ever seen shingles or roofing tile in your compound or surrounding after the massive storm? Alternatively, you went to do some checks on your roof, and you noticed some shingles are missing? I think it’s time to spend some bucks on your roof.

In this case, you might not need to replace all your roof, but you might need to replace the missing shingles. For more information about this, kindly contact Fair N Square Roofing & Construction for inspection and quality and cost-effective replacement.

Cracked shingles

Yes! Cracks have a significant effect on the roof covering and roof in general. It is one of the primary reason why roof deteriorates fast. Water penetrates through the crack line and weakens the underlays, the trusses and down to the ceiling.

Failure to repair on time will lead to total roof reconstruction.
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Chimney flashing

Water finds its way into your building through an opening from your roof covering, chimney edges, parapet among others. You might need to do sound roof maintenance if water penetrates your home through the chimney edges and the other means highlighted above.

In this case, also, you might not need to replace your roof completely, you may replace the old flashings with another sound material. At Fair N Square Roofing & Construction, we will thoroughly inspect it and suggest a long lasting and affordable solution.

For roof repair, roof design, roof maintenance, roof inspection and roof construction, contact Fair N Square Roofing & Construction here.

Fair N Square – Roof Replacement Experts

Every building components including “roofs” are prone to wear and tear no matter how sturdy or beautiful they are. However, replacing your roof immediately the faults are detected will elongate the lifespan of the roof, and at the same time save you some bucks.

So, it is a win-win situation. For advice and inspection on commercial roofing, residential roofing, roof gutter construction, and maintenance, roof repair, roof reconstruction among others, Fair N Square Roofing & Construction is your best option in Texas and its environs.