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“Help, I need a Denton Roofing Contractor Near Me”! Finding a local roofer isn’t that hard. However, locating the best isn’t as easy.

Your home or business deserves the best possible roof. We are proud to work as a roofer in Denton, TX that serves the requirements that all people have.

As a talented local roofing contractor, we offer many useful services to get the most out of your roof. Our goal is to provide you with fantastic craftsmanship and service. We provide services to residential and commercial properties. Our team is here to help you with any roofing problem you face.

Residential & Commerical Roofing Services in Denton, TX

Roof Replacement

You will need a roof replacement at some point. You might experience storm damage, or it might just be age. Having a flawless roof is super important as it’s the first line of defense for your home. Whatever the case may be, you can contact us for help with your roof replacement needs.

We offer a stress-free solution for a re-roof in Denton, Texas. Our team will review your roofing surface and supports to determine what needs replacing. We will also replace insulation and other materials to ensure a job well done.


Roof Repair

Our Denton roof repair team understands that there are many reasons why you might experience roof damages to your property. Maybe your roof was damaged because of vandals. Perhaps a tree or other large item fell on the roof. Maybe pests have ruined the wood supports or insulation.

We recognize that you might have an issue and are here to help with roof repair in Denton, TX. We can replace old tiles, restore wood supports, replace nails, and add new insulation as you see fit. Our team of Denton Roofers will convey any necessary information.


Storm Damage Restoration

Storms around Denton, TX can be severe. Wind and Hail Storms cause damage including cases where holes tear into a roof, or a surface tears open among other threats. The problems involved with a storm can be severe, but a Denton storm damage restoration service like what we offer will get you back to new again.

We work hard to provide you with the best storm damage repair services possible. We can assist in securing leaks, replacing water-logged supports, or getting your roofing surface replaced. Whatever the case might be, we will help you to restore your roof and keep possible damages from being a problem.


Gutter Installation & Repair

The gutters around your property are critical assets. We will assist you with any gutter installation or repair needs. Our gutter installation and repair service will start with an inspection. We will measure the gutters and size of the roofing surface. We will then install or repair your gutter system.


The roof replacement or repair process always starts with an inspection. Our Denton roof inspection service will help us determine whether you need repair or total roof replacement. Our roofing team looks around the surface of your roof to access any damage.

The inspection includes working to find things like:

  • leaks
  • loose insulation
  • cracks
  • busted shingles
  • and more.

The inspection process is designed to ensure the safety of your roof and home.


Insurance Claims Assistance

Our team will also help you with managing the insurance claims process. We understand that there are many hassles involved with trying to get an insurance claim relating to your roof. Your home insurance might be valuable, but an insurance company could give you a runaround.

We will help you by filling out the proper insurance documents and getting in touch with the people responsible for processing a claim. Our goal is to get the insurance claim process sprinting without problems. This is one of the many reasons we’re the top Dallas Roofing Contractor.


The Best Roofing Company in Denton, TX

At Fair N Square, we concentrate on quality roofing services. Our team focuses on precision and accuracy with each roof we produce. We focus on using the latest and safest processes and ensure we are the best roofing contractors.

What makes us so great?

  • A+ BBB Rated
  • Local DFW Business
  • 15+ Years in Business
  • 10 Year Warranty
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Types of Roofing Systems

We proudly work with many types of roofing systems. The options we have to offer to include both residential and commercial roofing systems. Here are a few of the choices you can utilize when you contact us for help:

  • Asphalt – Traditional asphalt shingles come in many colors and patterns.
  • Metal – A large metal surface goes on the roofing surface. A membrane is installed beneath to produce a better covering that insulates the space.
  • Slate – We will help you find a slate roof that lasts for years and does not quickly wear out. Tasks for slate roofing includes adding a series wood supports or materials to support the extra weight.
  • Clay – Clay and concrete tile surfaces offer a natural look and resist the sun’s rays. The clay material also lasts longer.
  • Flat Roofing – Many commercial properties in Denton, TX leverage flat roofs.
  • TPO and Synthetics – Many artificial items may be added to your roof to add a durable surface. Our team will assist you with getting such materials applied to your roof as well as possible.

Each of these roofing options is vital for your requirements when getting your Denton roof prepared. Contact us at Fair N Square to see how we can produce one of these roofs for you.

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