Carrollton Roofing Contractor

Trying to locate a Carrollton Roofing Contractor? The roof on your home or commercial property in Carrollton may be one of many roofing systems. You might find some with slate or clay tiles or just the traditional shingles.

Maybe, you have a roof with a flat design with a membrane on the inside. Whatever the case might be, we have the team of roofers to resolve the issue.

Talk with Fair N Square Roofing & Construction to determine your next step.  We feel we are the go-to roofer in Carrollton, TX.  We will resolve your roofing problems quickly.

Residential & Commerical Roofing Services

Roof Replacement

The shingles on your roof might wear out over time. Your shingles may develop problems like cracks, cupped surfaces, lost granules, or lost adhesive. These problems will cause your roof to be exposed. This is when you know roof replacement might be required.

The good news is we offer suitable and helpful services for a re-roof in Carrollton, Texas. Best of all, we work on any roofing surface.

A few things we can do are:

  • Replace Supports
  • Replace Insulation
  • Replace Adhesives
  • Replace Tiles, Shingles, etc.
  • and anything else around your roof.

We will do well with giving you the extra help you need for getting your surface treated accordingly.

Roof Repair

Any of our Carrollton roof repair services you utilize will make a difference. We will assist you with repairing any roof-related issues. These include issues with leaks, loose supports, damaged or loose tiles, and insulation among other concerns. We work on every part of your roof and will not stop until we are confident your roof is secured.

You can ask for a roof repair service if your roof has any issues. A plan for roof repair in Carrollton, TX can work well in cases like:

  • Vandalism
  • Hail
  • Winds
  • Tree Falling
  • and other common problems

We are proud to give you the help that you need in any situation.

Storm Damage Restoration – Restore Your Roof

Storms around Carrollton can be severe. Thunderstorms and wind around North Texas can damage the tiles on your roof or wear out the foundation.

Even worse, hail and excess rain can tear a hole in your roof. After a storm, it’s essential to restore your roof to previous conditions ASAP.  Otherwise, you could cause further damage to your property. That is where our storm damage roof restoration service will come into play.

Our storm damage restoration team will assist immediately. Our team will start by patching any leaks that might cause further damage. We can always dry out the roof as we restore the space and determine the issues in each spot. Our goal is to resolve the problems that come along no matter what.

Roof Inspection

The steps in the roof inspection process ensure that your property is necessarily secured. Our inspection process will include a look at the roofing system, how the adhesives on your roof are laid out, insulation, and wood spaces underneath the main body of your roof.

We offer a full inspection service to ensure we diagnose the problem areas and the cause. We know that it is easier to repair your roof the sooner we catch the problem.

Gutter Repair & Installation

Have you considered how essential gutters are to your home? We will assist you with gutter installation and repair in Carrollton, TX. For instance, our team will help with problems like a misaligned gutter, blockages, cracks, and so forth. We can always clean out the gutters and even install a full guard surface too.

Do you need to get a new gutter system altogether? We will help you with that process too. Our goal is to apply the correct guttering and eliminate the risk of water moving into your home or foundation.


Insurance Claim Assistance

You may be able to get the cost of repairing your roof covered through your insurance policy. Unfortunately, the insurance claim process is often complicated. However, our Carrollton roof repair team is available to reduce a headache.

We offer full insurance claim support services. Our services ensure your property’s insurance claim is filed accordingly. We will contact your provider with details on the costs associated with the repair or replacement process. 


Best Roofing Company in Carrollton, TX

We at Fair N Square Roofing are proud to offer the best roofing services in Carrollton, Texas. We are local and have been for 15+ years. We are also an A+ BBB Rated and have many online customer reviews. 

We will assist you with managing all the roof inspection needs that you have for your property. Contact us for help with getting the most out of your Carrollton roofing needs. Call the #1 Dallas Roofing Company today!

Types of Roofing Systems

Our team at Fair N Square will assist you with all kinds of roofing services. Do you have a roof with:

  • Asphalt Shingles
  • Wood Shake
  • Membrane Roofing Material
  • Synthetic Material
  • Slate Shingles
  • Metal
  • Tile

We also work with flat roofing systems. These include arrangements with internal membranes for added support and drainage. 


Schedule Your Free Roof Inspection

We will provide you with a free no-obligation roof inspection to determine the next step. Our team will help you in reviewing and analyzing any roofing issues. Our inspection process is focused on specific concerns that may come along on your property. The work that we put in is extensive and planned out right.

Our team will ensure that your job is done with speed and quality. We want to be the roofing contractor in Carrollton, TX that you can trust. Contact us now for immediate assistance.

Are  You a Roofing Contractor Near Me?

Yes, we serve Carrollton, TX. Below is our coverage area.

Carrollton, Texas Service Area Zip Codes

75006, 75007, 75010, 75011, 75019