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The roof on your Bedford, TX home or business site is more complicated than you might think. Your roof features an extensive variety of parts and surfaces that make it work. The soffit that goes under the overhang, the flashing around vents, and the shingles themselves are all vital to keeping your roof looking well. These parts also help to keep the roof from coming apart or wearing out prematurely.

You need to talk with a roofer in Bedford, TX to assist you with keeping your roof looking its best. We at Fair N Square Roofing want to be the trusted roofer that you can contact for help.

We are a Bedford roofing contractor that assists homeowners throughout the area with getting their roofing surfaces fixed up. We offer repair and replacement services alike. You can talk with us about getting your roofing needs covered no matter how big your roof is or what type of roofing surface you have. Our jobs will provide you with results that will last for years.

The Right Roofing Company in Bedford, TX

What type of roof do you have on your property? The odds are you’ve got a beautiful space, but you aren’t thinking about your roof all that much. Seeing how your roof isn’t a surface, you would look at every day; you might not consider this part of your house all that much. However, we at Fair N Square Roofing take a different approach to roof materials and how they are set up. We concentrate heavily on producing only the most excellent roofing surfaces in Bedford.

Fair N Square Roofing is a roofing company in Bedford, TX that concentrates on providing people with the most exceptional roofs possible. We create new roofing surfaces based on the materials that you want to utilize and the size of your room. The goal is to produce a unique roofing surface that expresses your home’s individuality.

Available Roofing Services in Bedford, Texas

Roof Replacement

There are many times your Bedford, TX Property Needs a Roof Replacement:

  • The edges of your shingles are curling. Some surfaces may develop a cupped look.
  • Many of the shingles are bald; that is, they have no granules left.
  • The shingles are cracking apart.
  • Dark streaks found around the roof. Dark spots are a sign of a leak or even of algae or mold building up.
  • Moss is coming out of the roof. The moss surface will spread around the tiles and come out in small spots.
  • All of these problems may develop around the entirety of your roof and not in just one centralized location.

Talk with us at Fair N Square Roofing if you are experiencing any of these concerns regarding your roof. Our team will help you with the best roof replacement in Bedford, TX
Don’t forget to think about the age of your roof. A re-roof in Bedford, Texas is usually necessary after about twenty to thirty years. The timeframe may vary based on your roofing materials. No matter how your roof is built out, you will have to get a replacement eventually. Our team at Fair N Square Roofing will give you the help you deserve for getting a roof ready.

Roof Repair

We also offer roof leak repair in Bedford, TX. Your roof may be damaged due to various outside issues:

  • A lightning strike on your roof caused some damage to its surface.
  • Vandals came around and damaged and defaced your roof.
  • The insulation inside of the roof is wearing out.
  • Worn out insulation might be due to pests around your property.
  • A tree branch or something else might have fallen onto your roof and added undue pressure.
  • Pests could have been running around your roof for too long. These include squirrels, rabbits, pigeons, and many others leaving behind their nests and even unwanted waste items.
  • Talk with us for help with your Bedford, TX roof repair needs. Our team will review your damaged roofing surface and find a proper solution for restoring the space. We work with all types of roofing surfaces.

Storm Damage Restoration

Storm damages can be dramatic and can entail more than just parts of the roof breaking apart or shingles falling off. Storm damages may also involve the growth of mold and algae around the surface due to intense amounts of rain falling on the surface. Don’t forget about hail and any tree branches that might fall off during a severe storm.

The threats that can come from a storm can be dangerous. However, with our Bedford storm damage restore service, you can ensure the damages your property experiences can be fixed up. We will be there as soon as possible following a storm to help you fix your place. Whether it entails getting a new roof altogether due to damages or just fixing up certain spots around the roof, we will help you with every step of the repair and restoration process.

Roof Inspection

The inspection process that we follow here at Fair N Square Roofing is extensive and thorough. The goal is to figure out if there are any damages or other imperfections around your roof that need repair. Sometimes the problems around your roof are ones that you cannot see all that well; our team will fix up all those issues even if they are small in stature. The inspection can take an hour or so, but the answers you get will help guide you in the next step towards making your home fabulous.

Gutter Installation & Repair

Be aware of how well the gutters around your Bedford property are laid out. We offer services for gutter installation and repair in Dallas, TX to help you keep your gutters working right.

Our gutter installation and repair team will review your existing gutters to see how they can be fixed or possibly realigned. We can measure an appropriate gutter surface for your roof and then add the new gutter space based on our results.

Our gutter service is critical as you need to keep rain from moving out along the sides of your home or into your foundation. A gutter repair plan will help you prevent your gutters from coming apart or becoming clogged from debris or whatever else pests might leave up there.

Don’t forget to ask us about guard installation. Such guards will keep solid materials from pooling up in your gutters. This feature is a necessity for spots where pests are found. A guard keeps those pests from building up nests or leaving items inside those gutters.

Insurance Claims Assistance

Have you tried to take care of the insurance claim process on your roof yourself? The odds are you might have struggled to get the claim handled correctly. You might have left out a few details or did not enter in as much data on your request as needed. We at Fair N Square will help you with the insurance claim process by reviewing your claim data and providing a proper form for an insurance company to consider. Our job is to see that your storm damage in covered.

Types of Roofing Systems

Talk with us at Fair N Square if you need help with getting a new roof ready on your property. We proudly offer an extended assortment of residential roofing options for your use. These include choices like the following:

  • Look for traditional asphalt shingles made in many colors and tones. We can cut these shingles to fit around all the bends and curves of your roof.
  • Metal roofing materials are available for residential and commercial properties alike. We work with many metal materials that can be cut and painted in many styles as you see fit.
  • Clay and concrete tile surfaces are famous for being sturdy and for lasting for years.
  • Slate roofing materials are sturdy and will not crack easily. We can help with both installing slate roofing tiles and with getting the supports needed for those tiles ready.
  • Flat roofing surfaces are available for a commercial property. The roof may include slanted surfaces for drainage plus some ventilation features as demanded.

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